Why NetSuite?

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NetSuite is one of the few vendors to have architected full, multi-tenant Software-as-a-service (SaaS) out of a single, modern ERP solution for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and services organizations. NetSuite ERP delivers extensive flexibility, usability, and agility in support of application-to-application integration and business-to-business collaboration, key to enabling the delivery of information throughout the enterprise.

Dramatically Reduces IT Costs

NetSuite’s cloud delivery enables businesses to run their core business applications without having to maintain costly on-premise IT infrastructure and resources. The result is savings of 50% or more, according to Hurwitz & Associates, as well as automated upgrades, security and data management.

Single System Drives Productivity

With NetSuite, you can eliminate the costly hairball of multiple business applications and run a single system for accounting/ERP, CRM, ecommerce and more to automate processes, improve visibility and drive productivity. NetSuite’s completely integrated order management and procurement processes eliminate manual entry, accelerate cycle times by 25% to 75%, reduce errors and free up resources.

Real-Time Visibility for Everyone

Built-in business intelligence provides a clear view into finance, sales and service performance through role-based dashboards and real-time reports. A 360-degree view of the customer ensures unified customer information throughout marketing, sales and service, improving collaboration and eliminating duplicate, out-of-date customer information.

Run Your Business from Anywhere

NetSuite’s web-based solutions enable your employees to access critical business information from anywhere on the globe. With support for popular mobile devices, NetSuite users get access to their business application from the palm of their hand.

Easy to Customize and Adapt

NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform supports proven application customization to adapt NetSuite to your needs—whether specific workflows, integration or tailored logic. Even better, no matter how you customize, you’ll always be running the latest version.

Enterprise-Class Security, Availability and Data Management

With certifications such as SAS 70 Type II, PCI DSS and EU-US Safe Harbor, NetSuite delivers the utmost compliance and security confidence. And with multiple data centers, automated data backups and a stringent Service Level Commitment, NetSuite provides infrastructure that is more robust than typical on-premise deployments

Designed to Meet Specific Industry Needs

NetSuite provides specific industry editions for software companies with advanced revenue recognition needs, manufacturers and wholesale distributors with multi-site inventory, production and services organizations with disparate resources and complex multi-currency client billing, and retail/e-tail businesses with multiple channels.

Delivered by a Trusted Cloud Solution Provider

As a public company with strong cash reserves and extensive international operations, NetSuite gives its customers the assurance that they’re partnering with a company that has the resources to drive their long-term success.

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