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disrupt, collapse, transform

Disrupt, Collapse, Transform: The Role of Cloud Computing in Industry Transformation. To understand the degree to which organizations are experiencing industry change and how they are responding, Frost & Sullivan surveyed 1,500 senior executives (CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and other senior managers) globally, including 200 in the UK. Respondents spanned all major industry sectors, ranging from manufacturing to retail. The research shows that most executives not only agree that their industry is undergoing transformation, but that “flexibility and adaptability are increasingly becoming key factors for survival”.

Should Your Organization Consider The Cloud?

While most of the discussion around software selection tend to focus on the idea of moving to the Cloud, that does not mean the Cloud is your only option. It is worth mentioning that based on your business needs it could definitely make sense for your organization to move from the Cloud to an installed solution. We designed this workbook to help you decide. By reading this White Paper, you will identify what Cloud software you might already be using, whether your organization is ready to make a deliberate move to the Cloud, and decide whether such a move makes sense for the specific tools you are considering.

Why Fast-Growing Companies Leave Quickbooks

Why Fast-Growing Companies Leave QuickBooks and Adopt Cloud Financials to Accelerate Growth. This whitepaper covers many of the issues that growing companies using QuickBooks typically face, and why so many have decided to move to NetSuite—a modern, integrated, cloud-based solution that enables accelerated business growth. Case studies and quotes from those who have adopted NetSuite describe why enterprises have made this decision, how they have implemented NetSuite, and the benefits they are experiencing. If you lead a growing business that is currently using QuickBooks, and are concerned that the pain and complexity imposed by QuickBooks is limiting your business, read on to discover that you are not alone—and that there is a better way.

Moving to the Cloud with NetSuite

Learn why hundreds of companies have left Microsoft Dynamics solutions such as Great Plains to accelerate growth with cloud ERP. Is your organization struggling with traditional on-premise ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics? Is its antiquated architecture and administrative overhead holding back your business growth? Read this White Paper to learn why companies switch from Microsoft Dynamics to NetSuite.

B2B Commerce – Going Beyond Online Shopping

Succeeding at B2B commerce takes more than an attractive website. Companies need to create sites that engage with business customers and help them quickly find the products they need to save time and do their jobs better. NetSuite’s cloud ecommerce platform, SuiteCommerce, easily adapts and scales to the unique B2B selling and buying scenarios required by your industry.  Read this White Paper to learn why the B2B buyer of yesteryear is long gone.

Guide to Driving Unlimited Retail Growth

Your Practical 5 Step Guide to Driving Unlimited Retail Growth. Discover how leading retailers have built customer-centric businesses to drive growth. What do Williams-Sonoma, Hanover Direct, Orlebar Brown and Design Within Reach have in common? Download this informative e-book and learn how they use NetSuite to achieve growth and build a customer-centric business.

4 Reasons QuickBooks is Failing Retail

This White Paper draws on real-world stories of small and mid-size retailers—from brick-and-mortar to multichannel and pure play ecommerce—that have upgraded from QuickBooks to NetSuite at critical junctures in their development. It also outlines four common business process inefficiencies that you might see reflected in your own business—the reasons why QuickBooks may be failing your retail organization.

Outlook for Wholesale Distribution in 2015

This is a survey of Key Business Objectives and Challenges Faced by Wholesale Distribution Companies. This report consider a host of internal and external factors, dozens of pain points that threaten to derail industry gains, increased costs, continuing rise of online-only competitors and worries of e-commerce shortcomings. Read this survey to learn what distributors are planning to do in the year to adapt to a rapidly changing environment with hopes of flourishing instead of falling behind.

A Guide to Manufacturing Transformation

The manufacturing industry is undergoing one of its most significant transformations in decades with “right-shoring” and a renewed focus on developing innovative products. As the performance bar is raised, ERP and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are giving manufacturers breakthrough capabilities to innovate, trim costs and speed time to market. Download this exclusive analyst report featuring expert insights from leading analysts Cindy Jutras and Jim Brown on how you can prepare your enterprise for manufacturing transformation.

Next Generation Services Resource Planning

Many organizations still rely on a patchwork of uncoordinated point solutions to handle client management, project management, billing, financials and more. The downside of this approach is that each function remains siloed. Sales lack insight into project status, services do not know what deals to plan for and finance is isolated from the business. The organization cannot react adequately to billing issues and the IT environment becomes overly complicated. Download this White Paper which illustrates how NetSuite SRP streamlines operations and drives profitability by optimizing the entire services business life cycle.

Cloud ERP Delivers Key Improvements for Software Companies

Learn how companies like yours have made business operations more efficient and agile by using cloud ERP. The pace of change in the software industry is relentless, and companies in this sector must operate as dynamically as the industry in which they compete. Download this research report from SL Associates, outlines how cloud ERP delivers benefits across the organization.

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