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Rev-Trac approval

SAP’s transport Management system is a powerful version control tool built well within SAP to manage any development and configuration changes made to the landscape. However, it lacks governance when it comes to migrating the objects from one stage to another, making it very vulnerable to companies looking to implement strict change control policies.

Rev-Trac, from Revelation Software Concepts, is a SAP change control automation tool, which enforces automation of release management by introducing workflow approvals based on user roles and teams. Every stage/step in this tool requires user intervention, for approval or documentation. Logging onto SAP is required to perform either of these steps which makes it hard for users who are on-the-go to promptly approve change request.

Our Fiori based approval tools comes handy when it comes to notification and approval of such requests, as it completely eliminates the need to have access to SAP. Designed with SAP’s fiori-based architecture and UX in mind, this tool runs seamlessly in all platforms without requiring a VPN to your company’s SAP systems. When a task is ready for approval, an email with a URL is sent to the users, clicking on which, takes the user directly to the task that he/she needs to act. Not only does the tool make the approval process easy, it also reduces the turn-around time, which the development/testing teams are waiting for the development objects to move to your QA or production environments.

Product Features

  • SAP Fiori based, which means, mobility, responsiveness and platform independent
  • On-the-go approval as it only requires internet and No VPN
  • Secure connection through a frontend gateway server. No direct connection to the backend.
  • One step approval. GUI based approval requires multiple clicks.
  • Only shows items that need action. Un-cluttered interface.
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