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Our professional services team will be focused on helping you get the most out of your technology investment.

We provide a suite of training, support and professional services to customize and enhance NetSuite the way you want it.


Implementing a new information system requires considerable expertise. With our professionalism, experience and resources, we will work with you through the process, making the transition as smooth as possible.

Our implementation focus is to deliver benefits at a set pace and with certainty. We work with you to tailor the delivery model depending on the following key factors:

  • Type of solution being implemented
  • Complexity of solution
  • Speed of delivery
  • Complexity of integration to 3rd party systems

Our NetSuite implementation methodology contains all the processes, tools and methods to ensure quality is maintained through all phases of our work. Throughout the building phase our teams will have regular checkpoints to ensure they are aligned with project goals. As we progress through, we will always involve your business leads when further information or clarification is required.

The 2 major components of our methodology are Design and Build.

Design: We will bring together our skilled and experienced professionals to work alongside your business leads during the design phase. This ensures that our team gains a full understanding of the business processes, business challenges and requirements for the program. For each functional area (such as finance, marketing, purchasing, manufacturing, etc.), we will partner your business lead with an Ambuda functional lead through the course of each release. At the end of the design phase, we will conduct a design walk through with you to make sure all requirements and processes are captured and understood.

Build: During the build phase, our team will then configure NetSuite and build enhancements as per the design. This will often involve the team preparing a prototype and presenting it to you to ensure that all requirements and design elements have been captured and developed as per the design.


Ambuda’s integration services are highly scalable and based on new platforms such as the cloud and virtual servers. The beauty of these integration services is that they can be readily adapted for future requirements.

Using best practices as well as proven frameworks and methodologies, we can meet all of your integration requirements, such as: Integrating to other ERPs (If required), Third party application integration, Business Process Management and Analytics.


Every company is unique in requiring support that can perfectly handle their individual needs. Our experienced engineers and business analysts help your company make custom productivity enhancements to your NetSuite system.

We will work to answer any questions you may have on customization options.

  • Flexibility to add new business partners and divisions anywhere in the world and allow employees to work remotely
  • Real-time operational intelligence, easily personalized to individual users who can customize their own pages and reports with minimal training and without IT staff

Our Data Migration Methodology offers a proven and effective solution for converting your data from your legacy environment into NetSuite. With an average experience of over 15 years, Ambuda’s migration consultants have the expertise to determine what information is real data, allowing you to focus on data relevant to running your business.

Our skills and experience allow us to reduce risk to a mission-critical operation. We foresee and resolve issues before they become obvious. You will be able to track all data throughout the entire migration process.

We offer on-site or remote services and match our consultants to your industry. Our consultants understand your legacy environment, be it SAP, Oracle Financials, MS Dynamics, Sage, QuickBooks or any other application.


We offer the support that you need when adapting to a new ERP system. With us you will find high quality NetSuite support from experienced NetSuite engineers who understand both your business processes and also NetSuite.

We create a customized support plan to ensure the perfect match for your company’s requirements. We offer both pay-as-you-use support and block-hour support packages, perfect for avoiding expensive long-term contracts.

You will be sure to have support during your implementation, to support both major and minor NetSuite enhancement projects.

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